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We finally have a new theme! Almost two months! We had the last summer theme since July and this one has been in the works since early August. It took so long to put up because it’s such a drastic change in coding for me and I actually didn’t even end up coding it. Well, this theme is taking a much more professional approach to the site considering we’ve been online for two years this December, I thought it was time we switch it up a bit.

We also now allow comments on our posts! All of our layouts haven’t had comments allowed because I didn’t exactly know how to code them in the layout but since I didn’t design this one, we now have them. I can’t wait to read and respond to all of your guys’ feedback to the posts. I really hope you guys take advantage of the comments and interact with each other.

That’s all for now, hopefully more updates coming soon!

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  1. Nick says:

    Thanks, girls! Glad you like it.

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