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The three high quality photos are in the gallery now.

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While Trevor attended the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival, he did a portrait shoot for Francois Durand. The fifteen gorgeous photos can be found in our gallery!

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Photoshoot Sessions > [x15] Session 33 – Francois Durand

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Here are photos from all three days that Trevor attended the 55th Monte Carlo TV festival!

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Special Appearances > 2015 > [x11] 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival: Day 3 – June 15
Special Appearances > 2015 > [x065] 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival: Day 4 – June 16
Special Appearances > 2015 > [x06] 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival: Closing Ceremony – June 18

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Trevor Donovan has been a favorite here on TheBacklot ever since he played adorable (and sexy) Teddy Montgomery on the 2008-2013 reboot of 90210. Since then he’s made appearances on various series like The Client List and Melissa & Joey, but this weekend he heads west along with Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta and Brendan Fraser for the History Channel’s much-anticipated Texas Rising. The mini-series is directed by two-time Oscar-nominated director Roland Joffé (The Killing Fields, The Mission) and Donovan plays “Kit Acklin” a “wise-ass and expert horseman whose chivalry and equestrian skills are matched only by his gun-fighting prowess.”

Texas Rising premieres this Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th) but while we’re waiting for cowboy Donovan, these images from photographer Manfred Baumann for Fitness Gear can certainly keep us occupied.


Gallery Link:
Photoshoot Sessions > [x05] Session 32 – Manfred Baumann for Fitness Gear

Source: The Backlot

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Here is a brand new photoshoot taken for Coco Perez, a part of! The shots are stunning and Trevor looks great! Check ’em out in the gallery.

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Photoshoot Sessions > [x07] Session 31 – Coco Perez

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Texas Rising On Memorial Day. Actor Trevor Donovan is Kit Acklin. Read About His Real Life. Ten Things You Should Know.

Upcoming 2015 TV shows. Texas Rising is an upcoming History Channel 5-part TV miniseries. It tells the story of how the Texas Rangers were created. The series is directed by Roland Joffé and due on Memorial Day. Some of the characters are based on real people. Today, the real life of Kit Acklin. Actor Trevor Donovan plays the role as Kit Acklin. Ten things you should know:

1.- Christopher B. (Kit) Acklin who was a Texas Ranger in the 1840s.

2.- He was born in in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville was founded by Kit’s grandfather, Col. John Hunt.

3.- We don’t know when Kit Acklin moved to Texas. But he was one of the participants in the August 12, 1840, Battle of Plum Creek.

4.- The Battle of Plum Creek was a clash between allied Tonkawa, militia, and Rangers of the Republic of Texas and a huge Comanche war party under Chief Buffalo Hump, which took place near Lockhart, Texas, following the Great Raid of 1840 as the Comanche war party returned to west Texas.

26 April 2015   2 Comments

Here we are with a brand new layout from the always amazing Ray at Oh My Morning! This is definitely different from something we’ve have ever had. Not only that, but 2015 is a pretty big year for! In December we will have officially been online for five years! It seems like just yesterday I started the site but these years have flew by and I couldn’t have done it without everyones support! Especially from Trevor and his manager. I’m glad you all utilize this site and have made it your number one Trevor source. Here’s to five more years!

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Here’s a music video for a song called I Won’t Back Down from the upcoming Texas Rising soundtrack. It’s a montage of clips from the series and we get to see Trevor in a few of them!

23 April 2015   1 Comment

Something very excited happened to me today! I came home from work to find a signed 90210 script from Trevor himself! I can’t thank Trevor and his manager enough for sending me a script of my favorite show signed by my favorite actor!

To Nick, thanks for all your support!!! – Trevor Donovan

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Here is the official poster for Trevor’s upcoming TV film, “Love Finds You in Charm”, premiering June 7th on UP!

Gallery Link:
Film & Television Productions > “Love Finds You in Charm” > [x01] Posters